Each year in November, members of the North Central Board of REALTORS raise funds with their “Feed Our Children” project to contribute, through the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas, to area food pantries.

When the COVID19 shut downs occurred, NCBOR member learned the  Food Bank was in a bind because their main donations were coming from local major providers who were now unable to help due to their supplies selling out so rapidly. In addition to this, they learned the Food Bank had been working with local schools to provide 20 pound food packs to the kids/families in need. Their original estimate of how much food would be required was short by about 100,000 pounds of food.

With this in mind, NCBOR called upon their REALTOR® and Affiliate members to donate now. “We said we would match up to $1,500 of donations,” said Marcia Taylor, President of NCBOR. “In two short weeks, we ended up receiving donations in the amount of $4,065 and we are donating a total of $5,565 to the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas.”

These funds will help bring in truckloads of fresh produce over the next several weeks to supplement the current efforts of the Food Bank. The donation is the equivalent of 40,000 meals.

“We send a warm thanks to all of our brokers, agents, and affiliates who helped make this possible and to the Food Bank in their tireless efforts to feed the hungry in our region. “In addition,” says Taylor, “we want to thank our wonderful medical community who work so hard to keep us safe.”