Renovating Your Home: Hire a Pro or DIY?

According to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report put together by the National Association of Realtor, people making changes to their homes love their DIY (Do It Yourself). The report contrasts between remodeling projects done by homeowners for their homes and those that are done for the benefit of their pets.

Over half of the home projects were done by hired professionals (56%) versus those done for pets, which tended to be DIY (56%).

The top three interior home projects were bathroom renovations, kitchen upgrades, and complete kitchen renovations. Except for the complete kitchen renovation, it was split down the middle between hiring a professional and DIY. About double the number of homeowners doing a complete kitchen renovation hired a professional.

The most popular projects to DIY were:

  • Closet renovation (69%)
  • Hardwood flooring refinish (56%)
  • Basement conversion to living space (56%)

The top three exterior home projects for all renovators, both DIY and hiring a professional, were new roofing, new windows, and vinyl siding.

The number one reason people undertake a home improvement project is to increase the function and/or livability of their home. That’s followed by increasing the home’s beauty and aesthetics and adding durable and long-lasting results, materials, and appliances. Projects designed to add personality to a house were twice as popular with the DIY crowd than those hiring a professional.

The report measures the sense of accomplishment the project brings and also gives a Joy Score.  Joy Scores range from 1 to 10 and the higher the number, the greater the joy with the finished project. Interestingly, DIYers reported a higher Joy Score (9.9) than consumers hiring professionals to complete their project (9.6).

Customizing a home to make it your own is one of the joys of home ownership. Before taking on remodeling projects, especially when considering resale, it’s good to speak with a local Realtor®. They are familiar with the local market and which upgrades will bring the most value to the homes in your area.

“A realtor can tell you some things you should do and not do when remodeling and what things will work best improve the value of your house,” says Tim Walker of Peglar Real Estate Group.

“A realtor will take in consideration factors that a homeowner might not know about like the neighborhood and the use of the other homes in your area. A REALTOR® can weigh these factors and help best to advise you on what you need to do and what will help you and what won’t help you to get the most out of the sale of your home.”

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